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Explore our comprehensive services designed to elevate your manufacturing cost estimation process and drive operational excellence.

Who Are We

At TCE, we are a focused team dedicated to simplifying and enhancing manufacturing cost estimation. Our identity is grounded in practical solutions and a commitment to assisting businesses in their cost engineering endeavors. We understand the challenges faced by manufacturers, and our goal is to provide straightforward and effective tools that make a tangible impact on your operations. With a focus on accuracy, efficiency, and technological advancements, we stand as your dedicated partner in the pursuit of manufacturing excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission at TCE is straightforward: to offer manufacturers reliable and user-friendly cost estimation software. We aim to empower businesses with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of manufacturing costs efficiently. Through our solutions, we strive to contribute to the success of manufacturers by providing them with accurate and accessible cost data. Our mission is centered around practicality and a commitment to facilitating smoother, more informed decision-making in the manufacturing sector.

What We Do

TCE specializes in the development of software tailored for manufacturing cost estimation. Our expertise lies in providing practical solutions for serial production in assembly processes. We offer tools that go beyond the basics, including manual assembly cycle time calculations and process optimizations. Our software enables users to create databases for machine hourly rates, labor costs, investments, and raw material expenses, consolidating essential data for streamlined quoting processes. 

Assembly Line
balancing process


Define the Production Rate

Determine the desired production rate or output per unit of time. This will serve as a baseline for balancing the assembly line.


Identify Work Elements

Break down the entire assembly process into smaller work elements or tasks. Each task should represent a specific action or operation required to assemble the product.


Determine Task Times

Establish the time required to complete each work element. This can be based on historical data, time studies, or industry-standard data.


Calculate Cycle Time

Calculate the cycle time, which is the maximum time allowed for the completion of one unit of the product. It is determined by dividing the total available production time by the desired production rate.


Assign Tasks to Workstations

Begin assigning tasks to different workstations. The goal is to balance the workload so that the cumulative task times at each workstation match or closely align with the cycle time.


Consider Precedence Constraints

Take into account any sequence or precedence constraints that dictate the order in which tasks must be performed. Some tasks may need to be completed before others can begin.


Use Assembly Line Balancing Tools

Leverage assembly line balancing software or tools to automate the process and ensure efficiency. These tools can help optimize task assignments and provide insights into potential improvements.


Optimize Workstation Assignments

Adjust the task assignments to minimize idle time and eliminate bottlenecks. This may involve moving tasks between workstations or breaking down large tasks into smaller sub-tasks.


Evaluate and Iterate

Assess the balanced assembly line’s efficiency by monitoring production rates, cycle times, and overall productivity. Iterate the process as needed to accommodate changes in demand, product design, or other variables.

Why Choose Us?

Our software empowers manufacturers to achieve precise cost projections for their projects, assemblies, and individual components.  With user-friendly features and a centralized database, TCE simplifies the often complex task of cost estimation.

TCE empowers manufacturers to estimate complete product costs by factoring in all aspects of the project. This includes a detailed breakdown of engineering hours, materials, samples, and project-specific equipment requirements, providing a holistic view of the cost landscape.

The software offers a meticulous BOM cost calculation, categorizing costs into raw materials, purchased parts, manufacturing costs, tooling, and investments for each component. This detailed breakdown allows manufacturers to identify cost drivers and optimize sourcing strategies.

TCE simplifies assembly cost calculation by utilizing standardized methods for manual assembly cycle time estimation. This feature helps manufacturers plan and optimize their assembly processes, ensuring efficient resource allocation and improved production efficiency

TCE provides a clear view of overhead costs and allows manufacturers to calculate profit margins accurately. This enables businesses to set competitive prices, optimize cost structures, and maximize profitability while considering all overhead expenses.

The software offers a centralized database that includes calculated internal machine hourly rates and raw material data. This repository ensures that all cost estimates are based on up-to-date information, streamlining the estimation process and improving accuracy.