Privacy Policy

  1. Privacy Policy: The website values user privacy and collects various types of data, including anonymous information like web requests, browser type, and language, as well as personal data such as name, address, email, and phone number if voluntarily provided during registration or purchase. Cookies are used for tracking and improving user experience. The policy outlines data collection methods and purposes, emphasizing that personal data is only used for the intended purposes and is not sold to third parties.

  2. Data Collection: Data collected includes information necessary for providing services, communicating with users, improving services, and enhancing user experience. This includes user-provided data, cookies, and web analytics. Usernames and passwords are expected to be safeguarded, and any comments posted on the website may collect IP addresses and browser details for moderation purposes.

  3. Cookies: The website uses cookies for various purposes such as tracking web analytics, displaying cookie notices, and remembering user preferences. Users have options to manage cookie settings, though disabling cookies may affect website functionality.

  4. Data Sharing: Personal data is shared only with partners necessary for service provision, website maintenance, and hosting. The website may contain embedded content from other websites (e.g. Google, LinkedIN), which may collect user data according to their own privacy policies.

  5. Data Retention: Personal data is retained only for as long as necessary for the stated purposes. Users can request deletion of their data at any time.

  6. User Rights: Users have rights regarding their data, including the right to access, correct, delete, or restrict its processing. They can also withdraw consent for data processing and request data portability.

  7. External Content: Embedded content from external websites behaves similarly to if the visitor had visited those sites directly, potentially collecting data and tracking interactions. Users are advised to review the privacy policies of such external content providers.

        Overall, the website emphasizes transparency in data collection and usage, as well as user control over their personal information.