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Total manufacturing cost estimation

We provide tools for quick and percise manufacturing cost estimation. With our software you can increase your efficiency, minimize uncertainties, and make informed decisions.

Calculate product cost with TCE Product Costing

Our software is designed to help manufacturers optimize their cost estimation processes, from raw materials to finished products..

Assembly cost

Elevate your assembly processes planning with our specialized software module designed for serial production. With assembly module you can plan your process down to single pick and place operation, perform line balancing, optimize your process cost and prepare competitive quotation for your customer. Our module enables you to create single workstations inside your assembly line and determine each operator's steps and calculate required cycle time using standard methods for manual assembly cycle time calculation in serial production.

Bill of materials cost

With our Bill of Materials (BOM) cost calculation module you can calculate cost of each component in your final product. This tool offers analysis, dividing costs into raw materials, purchased parts, and manufacturing ecost for each component. By providing a detailed breakdown of project expenses, our BOM module empowers businesses to refine their cost estimation processes, fostering a clearer understanding of financial aspects and promoting efficiency in resource management.

Tooling and investments

Navigate the complex terrain of financial decision-making with confidence using our Tooling and Investments module. This feature enables meticulous calculations of tooling and investment costs, factoring in tooling capacity, interest and insurance rates. Businesses can further optimize their financial strategies by intelligently distributing investments between project-dedicated and non-dedicated categories. In doing so, companies can ensure optimal use of resources and foster sustained growth.

Logistic cost

Master the intricacies of logistics management with our Logistic Cost module. This tool facilitates the calculation of logistic investments and overhead while providing a centralized database housing critical packaging units data. By streamlining logistic operations, minimizing uncertainties, and ensuring cost-effective supply chain management, businesses can gain a competitive edge and elevate their overall operational efficiency.

Overhead cost

Take control of your financial landscape with our Overhead Cost module. This comprehensive tool meticulously calculates manufacturing, logistic, sales, general, and administrative overhead. By gaining a holistic understanding of overhead expenses, businesses can make strategic financial decisions, optimize their cost structures, and enhance their overall financial resilience.

Profit margin

Empower your negotiation strategies with our Profit Margin module. This feature allows businesses to determine the exact profit margins on their products, providing a competitive advantage in the market. By gaining clarity on profit margins, companies can negotiate from a position of strength, maximize profitability, and solidify their standing in the business landscape.

Plan and optimize your assembly process with TCE Assembly Line Balancing

Efficiency in assembly line processes begins with detailed planning. TCE’s Assembly Costing module offers a complete solution.

Assembly line capacity

By systematically defining operational hours, process availability, and factoring in key considerations, TCE's Process and Capacity Requirements module guides you through the essential steps in determining the required cycle time or output per unit of time for effective and efficient process planning. This will serve as a baseline for balancing the assembly line.

Assembly line balancing

After defining the desired production rate or output per unit of time, you break down the entire assembly process into smaller work elements and determine time required to complete each work element. With TCE assembly line balancing module you assign tasks to workstations so that the cumulative task times at each workstation match or closely align with the required assembly line cycle time.

Assembly line concept

The transition from assembly line balancing to creating an optimum assembly line concept is a crucial phase that involves transforming theoretical planning into practical implementation. You can plan workstations to minimize unnecessary movement, reduce bottlenecks, and promote a smooth flow of materials and products considering the ergonomic needs of workers to enhance productivity.

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